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Here are some of the lives I have impacted 


This is what Erica had to say about the program:image

At 320 pounds I found myself eating the quick and unhealthy foods that ultimalty made me crave more unhealthy food. I made the decision to take on Cory's programs and live a healthier lifestyle.  The workouts were doable and easy to understand.  Cory guided me throughout the journey with encouraging words and ways to modify as I needed.  The meals were easy to prep and I was able to follow the meal plan.  Lots of fresh fruits and veggies, which was nice.  Making it to my goal weight was amazing and it allowed her me have the active lifestyle I wanted with my family. I wouild highly recommend Cory's programs to anyone that needs to make the change!


Here is what Allison had to say about the program:image

I am so thankful that Cory came into my life.  His positive outlook on life and ability to know "where I have been" are what kept me going.  He's been in my shoes and done the hard work to change himself so he knows first hand how hard it can feel.  At first the workouts were difficult for me but I liked that I could do everything at home and that I didn't have to go to a gym...which actually would have pushed me away from the program.  I liked that it wasn't so much a "diet" but more of a reality check of how horrible I had been treating my body.  Thank you Cory, for everything!  I wouldn't be who I am without you coming into my life.