LIV2BFIT-Online coach/Trainer




- Mentoring & guidance

-6 Months of daily meal planning

-6 Months of daily or week workouts

-Goal planning and measuments

-Accountability phone calls from me weekly

-Healthy smoothie recipes

-Healthy recipe guide

-Adjusting calories when needed

-Adjusting workouts when needed

-Private facebook with tips and ideas from me daily

The 6 month program is so easy to follow it makes everything stress free. I will give you all the tools you need to achive your goals.  If for some reason you do feel little lost or stressed then I'm here to guide you on your weight loss and fitness journey. I will teach you many different tricks and secrets throughout the 6 months we are together. Somedays may be tougher then others but I will help you push through those days. When I went through my weight loss journey I had a great coach that helped me through all my ups and downs. I can't thank him enough for making me the person who I am today. That's why I became a certified trainer; so I can help people in their journey. Please reach out to me and I will set you up with your FREE assessment and figure out which angle is best to get you started. Hurry up and message me offering over 50% off on all programs.